Our mission

A space to socialise, think, create and get inspired over a great cup of coffee.

About us

Throughout history, coffee houses have fuelled revolutions and revolutionary ideas. Their introduction dismantled centuries of social norms by providing a place for all people, no matter their social class, to gather and share ideas.

We opened our first shop on Whitecross Street in 2009. After ten years of experience working in the coffee industry, we wanted to create our own space to socialise, think, create and be inspired over a great cup of coffee. From the beginning we set out to be different and our concept was well received against the backdrop of London's unique Barbican neighbourhood. This drove us to keep going, so we opened our second shop on Curtain Road in 2011, with a third location on Farringdon Road in 2021.

We've come a long way over the years but our commitment has always remained the same: to serve the highest possible standard of coffee to our loyal following of customers at the speed and consistency they expect, in a unique and stimulating setting that offers both comfort and familiarity while providing an atmosphere that lifts you out of the every day and an escape from the grind.

We serve thousands of coffees a week to our friends and regulars. From professionals seeking a non-committal meeting space, to local coffee lovers stopping by to check out our latest guest coffee. Part of our success is embedding our distinctive identity whilst connecting with each location we inhabit. We are a meeting point for stimulating social exchange for our customers. From the eclectic soundtrack to the unique lighting and decor, FWD:Coffee is a point of curiosity as soon as you walk through the door.

We present a selection of breakfast and lunch food, but the main draw has always been the coffee. Our coffee is 100% speciality. After many conversations and fine tuning, we developed an exclusive house blend, perfecting each new coffee as the seasons change. The result is a delicate and balanced shot of coffee that tastes great in espresso with plenty of body to carry its flavour in a milky drink.

For brewing excellent coffee at home, we sell coffee and coffee subscriptions.

Our baristas undergo comprehensive training to ensure you always enjoy the same quality and consistency you have come to expect from us - served with speed and a smile.

Ours is not a journey with a beginning and an end. But rather an infinite exploration that takes us around the world both geographically and sensorially. Come and join the ride at one of our locations on Whitecross Street, Curtain Road and Farringdon Road.