Our Coffee

Our coffee is 100% speciality. After many conversations and fine tuning, we developed an exclusive house blend, perfecting each new coffee as the seasons change. The result is a delicate and balanced shot of coffee that tastes great in espresso with plenty of body to carry its flavour in a milky drink.

For brewing excellent coffee at home, we sell coffee and coffee subscriptions.

What is speciality coffee?

Let us take a moment to talk about speciality coffee, as this is not a subjective term, and there are three generally accepted minimum requirements for coffee to be deemed speciality.

1. It is any coffee that has been scored 80+ out of 100 by the Specialty Coffee Association.
2. It must be free of any primary defects within a 350g sample.
3. The coffee should have been hand-picked by selective picking of mature beans.

It is worth noting that there are calls to add a fourth minimum requirement to include environmental and social indicators in the definition and grading of speciality coffee, which we welcome. Any coffee that does not meet the 80+ score is known as commercial-grade, widely used in most coffee chains, despite their misuse of the term speciality.

Take us home with you

The best coffee is only as good as it is prepared. If you're enthusiastic about home brewing, we recommend spending time to educate yourself on the best preparation and techniques to honour the quality of the beans in which you've invested. Making a cup of coffee is just the last step in a process that requires care for any given bean.

Our baristas

All our baristas undergo comprehensive training at our dedicated coffee lab to ensure you always enjoy the same quality and consistency you have come to expect from us.

Sensory Training: Smell is the most crucial sense in your ability to perceive a coffee. Recognising aromas enriches your tasting vocabulary. It requires practice meaning our Baristas undergo sensory training to develop the sensitivity of their palette - similar to a sommelier.

Technical Training: Working knowledge of the mechanics of coffee making and equipment maintenance is necessary to become a fully qualified barista at FWD:Coffee. We continuously fine-tune our equipment, sample batches, and record our readings to ensure consistency from one cup to the next.