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Coffee, Aeropress Go, Green Reusable Cup

Coffee, Aeropress Go, Green Reusable Cup

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Ethereal Brew 250g

Experience the essence of Ethiopian coffee with our Ethereal Brew. A smooth and vibrant burst of citrus notes when enjoyed as a black coffee, and evolving into a creamy, Jaffa Cake-like delight when paired with milk. 

The Ethereal Brew is a celebration of Ethiopian coffee at its finest: luminous, well-balanced, and layered with complexity.

Flavour Notes:

  • Cocoa
  • Caramel
  • Bergamot

Sourced from the revered Ethiopian Sidamo region. This exceptional coffee is born from the hands of dedicated smallholder farmers, converging at the esteemed Mirado Washing Station - a beacon of quality under the stewardship of the Dukamo family's Daye Bensa enterprise.

Each bean, carefully handpicked and processed using the traditional washed method, encapsulates a crisp and clean essence, the hallmark of a true Sidamo.

This coffee is more than a beverage; it's a narrative of community and innovation. The Daye Bensa's commitment to uplifting local farmers through education and infrastructure is interwoven in every sip. It's a tale of excellence, evidenced by their acclaim in Cup of Excellence competitions and a testament to their passion

  • Origin: Mirado Washing Station, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1,800 - 2,000 masl
  • Variety: Mixed Heirloom
  • Process: Washed
  • Ideal For: All Brewing Methods
  • Aeropress Go

    The coffee maker which has stolen the hearts of coffee lovers around the world. It was created as a response to the demand for an even more compact brewer. The device fits into a mug and allows you to make a cup of perfect black coffee anytime and anywhere - when traveling, on a hike or in the office.

    This product combines the advantages of french press, filter method and a traditional coffee maker, which makes the preparation of your aromatic coffee really simple and quick. In addition, the device allows you to explore the limitless flavours of coffee by experimenting with brewing time, water temperature and fine or coarse ground beans. You can brew up to 237 ml of coffee at a time.

    AeroPress Go is one of the most compact coffee makers in the world:

    • AeroPress Go: 12cm X 9cm X 9cm
    • AeroPress Go With Whole Set Closed In A Cup With The Lid: 14cm X 10cm X 10 Cm

    The set includes: Aeropress, 350 paper filters, coffee stirrer, coffee scoop, filter holder (for 20 filters), cup and lid.

    Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Cup

    Khaki green reusable cup. This is the ultimate reusable cup experience: it's beautiful, maintains your beverage temperature and taste for hours, plus, you can feel confident knowing it won’t break or spill in your bag – simply click it closed and you’re good to go!

    A trusty coffee scale is a necessity for consistency in any aspect of brewing. This is why Rhino has introduced its own scales into the market, focusing on reliability and affordability. The Rhino Brewing Scale, Rhino Bench Scale, Rhino Dosing Scale, and Rhino Pocket Scale have been designed for all coffee weighing needs, including weighing espresso, weighing whole beans, and brewing pour-over. The Rhino 1kg Dosing Scale features a detachable tray for easy cleaning and is a compact size for all of your dosing needs. Fits neatly on your bench and features a sloped display for easy reading.

    • Tare/Calibration
    • Detachable Lid/Tray
    • Specifications: Capacity: 1000g / 35oz
    • Accuracy: 0.1g/ 0.003oz
    • Modes: G/OZ/GN/DWT
    • Platform Dimensions: 69mm X 69mm / 2.71in X 2.71in
    • Platform Material: Stainless Steel
    • Display: White Backlit LCD
    • Power: 2 X AAA Batteries (Included)
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